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Children of the Blitz is available for purchase in digital form directly from myself..

There are many advantages to purchasing the play in this way. Rather than having to buy several copies of a play (including those for directors and technical staff) for a single one off payment you receive a copy of the play in MS Word format and a licence to allow you to print as many copies as you need.

You are also allowed to edit the script so you can easily make changes for your particular production - such as cuts, character names and references. You can also print just the parts of the scripts that each actor needs, thereby saving on photocopying expenses.

The only restriction is that you are only licensed for the use of these scripts at one particular location or by one particular group ( a school or youth theatre for instance). Your use at this location is however unlimited - so if you also wanted to use the scripts with a lower school drama class then you can just go ahead and print them out.

The cost of the script and license is just 20.00 which represents a massive potential saving.! This compares to my published scripts which retail at 6.99 to 8.99 per script.

Hopefully, the information on these pages will be sufficient for you to have already made up your mind about purchasing Children of the Blitz. If you would still like to read the full play beforehand, then a cheaper (just 3.00) evaluation version is also available. This is in pdf format so the Adobe Acrobat Reader will be needed. Only a single copy of the evaluation version may be printed. This is in a double column format rather than the single column used in the full version in order to save on your printing costs.

Performance fees for Children of the Blitz are just 25.00 per performance regardless of the size of the audience. Any group wishing to perform Children of the Blitz must also be registered as having a copy of the full version of the play.

Thus, for a three night performance run, the total outlay on scripts and performance fees would be just 95.00!

Payment can be made by credit card (via Paypal) or personal cheque. Please note that payments from outside the UK must be made by credit card. Simply complete the order form below and an invoice will be emailed to you. On receipt of your payment, the copy of Children of the Blitz will be despatched to you via email. If, however, you need a copy on cd this can also be arranged for a small additional fee (2.00)*

*UK only

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 NB. Your details will not be released to any other organisation or used for any other purpose other than our record keeping and to keep you informed of other Chris Owen titles as they become available.

We will make every effort to ensure that you receive your copy of Children of the Blitz within ten days of your initial request.