Opening Scene  

 Jabberwocky is a three act play which is particularly suitable for lower school productions  - years 7 to  9  - and the junior section of youth theatres. There are also opportunities for cameo appearances from older performers or even adults!

Based on the Lewis Carrol poem from Alice through the Looking Glasss, this is a humorous fantasy romp that is lots of fun for both audiences and casts alike. It features a large mixed cast with a variety of different sized roles available. It is possible to include a small group of dancers in the production though these sections can be easily removed if they are not required.

It is a simple play to present, using a flexible open staging  with very few contstructed set elements.

Jabberwocky was the first play that I had accepted for publication, however, I was unable to agree terms with the publisher at the time and withdrew the play. Jabberwocky will now be my first play to be published digitally and be available directly from this website.

On these pages you will find a synopsis of the plot, a full cast list and hints on staging. I've also included the whole of the first scene for you to read so you have a good idea of the script before downloading.



The Jabberwock - original illustration.

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