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Links to the plays:


Here you can find links to detailed information about all of my plays that are currently available. Just follow the navigation links to the left

There you will find complete cast lists as well as details about the number of males and females needed. Many of my plays  can be adapted for  use by large casts or by small casts taking on multiple roles.

There is a plot summary of each play and a very loose approximate running time. 

I've provided suggestions for possible approaches to the staging of the plays and how to overcome some of the technical challenges  they present. I have been able to go into a little more detail here than in the published plays as I do not face the same limitations in terms of space (the printed versions have strict page limits!)

All of the plays listed here have very open staging and can be performed in a variety of settings.


Original cast of A Mother's Voice in a publicity photograph. Each is holding a photograph of someone who has "disappeared".


I discuss some of the performance techniques used in the plays and discuss possible approaches to them. In "The Last Resort" for instance I make some suggestions about how you can take on the role of a seagull and swiftly transform yourself into a psychotic nightclub bouncer!

A key word here is flexibility. Although I make suggestions about ways forward and appoaches, these are designed to stimulate your own interpretation rather than dictate a regimented format. The very nature of the plays encourages an imaginative approach. I love to hear  from groups about the way that they have approached a piece and the ideas they have used. Plays should not be "set in stone". One of the most energising aspects of theatre is the way that a play can be performed ten times and yet each of those ten productionss be so different whilst springing from a common script!

By the way - each set of pages is "themed" to suit the style of the play. I know this breaks one of the rules of good website design but I feel it works in this context!

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