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On these pages you can find additional information about the development of The Last Resort, some updates to the script and some suggestions for alternative pieces of music to use. You can navigate to the various subsections outlined below using the navigation buttons to the left.

In the background section I have supplied some context notes about the writing of The Last Resort and some hints about how a company tackling the play could research the piece. This was actually written for the published version of the play but had to be ommitted due to restrictions on space.

In the music section, contains the list of music used in the play which is used to link scenes. In order to keep the play up-to-date I will try to update this from time to time with more contemporary references where appropriate



A radical feminist re-interpretation of Puch and Judy? Perhaps not!

Traditional Punch & Judy - not the politically correct "right on" Punch and Judy we show  in The Last Resort!

(I don't think I will find anything more suitable to introduce the donkeys than, "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life"!).

The Script Development section may be especially of interest to students studying the play or teachers using it in the English classroom. In it, I discuss the metamorphosis of the piece - where changes have been made, scenes and characters cut out and others introduced. I've also included the original ending to the play alongside an alternative ending that has never been used. This may be a useful insight into the way a script has to change over time.