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 A Mother's Voice was written for a particular group to suit their particular needs - in this case it was for a large number of female roles. Thus the play can be performed with just 3 males if the actor playing the father also takes the role of Ernesto. This is how it was performed originally. There are however four roles for males available. This figure could be expanded with males taking on some of the roles of the villagers.

As the body of the father is masked it can be played by a male or female. A female was used in the original production as she was lighter!

The size of the cast is very flexible. Individual roles are outlined below, however many of these can be doubled. There is also the possibiltiy of inserting additional performers into the crowd scenes.

The cast list here is split into sections based on their general "area of involvement" within the play.

The Family

Constantia (the mother)

Baptista, Francisca, Isabel, Maria (Daughters)



The Land of the Dead


The Ghosts (3)

The Voices of the Dead (Several)

The Dream Mother

The Father



The Factory



The Factory Girls (6)



The Village


Catalina, Juanita, Dolores, Carmen (Fishwives)

The Gossips (10)

Dancers and the Festival crowd (several)

The Body of the Father



The State


The Shadows (Gunmen - 2)

The Officials (2)