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Please read the whole of this page carefully if you are considering performing any of my plays

A Performance Rights Licence must be obtained before commencing rehearsals of any of the plays.

Please not that Performance Fees are payable for all public performances of any of my plays regardless of circumstances (such as the performance being before an invited audience or no formal charge being made). The only exception to this rule is where the play is performed as part of a formal externally validated examination (A level, GCSE or BTEC Performing arts for example)  before a visiting examiner. This rule only applies to the performance actually attended by the examiner - performing rights fees are payable for any previous or subsequent performances. If, however, any sort of charge is made to the audience attending the examination then the Performance Fee will be payable.

In all circumstances a Performance License must be obtained. For examinations the fee will be waived as set out above subject to receiving the name of the examination board, the examination taken, the name of the visiting examiner and the date of the examination. (The examiner's name can be supplied closer to the performance date if not available at the time of application).

If a public performance takes place without first obtaining a licence then you will be in breach of copyright. You will then be liable to pay the maximum fee plus a sum for damages. Action will be taken against any person or persons who perform any of my plays without first obtaining permission.

Please remember that this is how I make my living. Please do not attempt to justify performing a play without paying the appropriate fee on the basis that "it is for a school". Theft is theft no matter which way you look at it.

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