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 The subject matter of A Mother's Voice is not trivial. Every day, in  countries across the globe people go "missing". Frequently these people are "vanished" by the state machine or gangsters supported by corrupt states for doing little more than daring to voice their opinions.

The fates of the disappeared can vary from incarceration without trial to death - frequently preceeded by torture and other abuses. These are called "disappearances" because they leave no trace behind them and their fate is unknown. The effect on families and friends can be profound. Each day, they have to live with the burden of not knowing what has happened. They cannot grieve, they dare not hope and they dare not give up for fear of betraying the love of their mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and friends. They just want to know.

In the book of A Mother's Voice, I ask that all those performing the play consider making a collection for Amnesty International at the end of the performance. It is also well worth contacting your local branch of Amnesty who may well like to set up a display. You can access Amnesty International's website by clicking the candle in the left hand column.

In taking on A Mother's Voice, I hope you will research the piece carefully - that way the performers' work will gain depth and insight and help to create a more "truthful" performance.

There is a certain amount of background detail in the published text. From this page you can follow links to tips for further research, including internet links. I have also gone into more detail about the music that was used and included some sound bites and purchasing links. Use the navigation buttons on the left to access these pages.