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Resource materials and links:

Below are links to sites which contain useful resources and research materials:


The Samaritans

This is an essential site which contains practical advice, links to helpline services and excellent resources.

Of particular interest would be the following publications:


Young men speak

Youth Matters

Youth pack

All of these can be downloaded in PDF form from the publications section of the site.

Menís Health Forum

The Men's Health Forum is the UK's leading voluntary organisation working to improve the health of men of all ages. Here you'll find news, information, events and discussion on all aspects of men's health policy.

It has produced some excellent research into male suicide and the following publications are highly recommended.

Soldier it! Young Men and Suicide - an audit of local service provision and young menís uptake of services. The study aims to provide an insight into young menís attitudes to seeking help with a mental health problem and into how agencies working with young people perceive menThe report concludes with recommendations about how work with young men can more effectively improve their mental health and reduce their risk of suicide.

Young men and suicide: strategy guidelines for health authorities - the Forum's guidelines, based on its investigation to Health Authorities to develop an effective integrated strategy to reduce the number of young male suicides.

Young men and suicide: summary report - a summary of the Forum's investigation into young men and suicide

Young Men and Suicide - full Forum report which identifies the scale of the suicide problem among men and makes key recommendations to policy-makers and practitioners.

All of the above can be freely downloaded from the publications section of thrie website.

Mental Health Foundation

The Mental Health Foundation produces an excellent resource:

A Bright Future for All: Promoting mental health in education

The Mental Health Foundation produced this training pack to provide a resource for teachers wishing to develop debate and activities on mental health promotion across their school. This pack can be used flexibly and at a pace that suits the school. A Bright Future for All has been developed with a number of schools and initial piloting shows that the approaches set out can make a difference, even within a few months.

The pack features a variety of activities, including the use of peer support and circle time, and discussions about teachers' mental well-being, and a range of handouts.

Downloadable in PDF form from:

 National Association for Mental Health Ė MIND

The MIND internet site contains a wealth of information on matters to do with mental health and well being. Of particular interest may be their Suicide Factsheet which is located in their publications section.

Department of Health

If you would like to see an outline of the  Suicide Prevention Strategy for England, it is available online at:


This is an American site with some good background information and practical advice on a wide range of menís health issues