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Jabberwocky Home

Poor Ned! His Dad wants him to be a dragonslayer and his Mum wants him to be a Court Poet. And Ned wants … well Ned doesn’t even know what he wants!

And his friends are no use! When he manages to get away from his feuding parents it’s his best friend who steps in to save him from the village bully. The only problem is – his best friend is Elly - a girl!

There’s only one way out of this – run away! Which is just what Ned does. Which is how he winds up lost in the woods in a state of utter despair until a strange wizened old man – who knows an awful lot about Ned – steps in and sends Ned away on a quest to find a mighty sword and rid the world of a hideous monster!

Back in the village they raise the alarm and Elly takes it on herself to bring back Ned. Which is how she ends up staying the night with a weird witch and nearly getting her brains sucked out by a strange creature that bores its victims to death! Fortunately for her, a passing botanist rescues her from the clutches of this Bandersnatch and she finally catches up with Ned who has been tied up by evil carnivorous birds!

 As the birds discuss which parts of Ned they are going to eat first, their daughter throws herself from the tops of trees in an attempt at her first flight – not knwing that Jubjub birds have been flightless for centuries! With the distraction of the earthbound plunge of the Jubjub  bird, Elly takes her chance and loosens Ned’s bonds. In a flash he is free and scaring away the evil wildlife with his vorpal sword – a present from the witch! Unaware of the assistance from Elly, a new bold, brave Ned strides forth to finish his quest!

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