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 Jabberwocky is a straightforward play to present, placing few demands on technical resources enabling you to focus on the performance elements.

Staging: The primary requirement is for an open and flexible main stage area with a small area off to one side for the family/narrator. Interiors tend to be suggested through the use of simple props - chairs and tables for a house or a raised throne to represent the court. Exteriors can be suggested through the careful use of lighting (gobos to cast a break up leaf pattern) and simple sound effects.

As well as the main stage, you can make effective use of the main auditorium for performers to move through on various parts of their journey. This is particularly so when "the botanist" leads Elly to the Jubjub bird lair. Here the actors are encouraged to squeeze along rows, clamber over and crawl under the audience and examine any interesting "finds" along the way.

Of course, if time and resources allow, you could really go to town with impressive physical sets and painted backdrops. Do remember though, to not allow set changes to interfere with the pace of the show.

Costume: Lots of fun can be had with the costuming for the play with its general fairy tale / fantasy setting. You need everything from opulent Queens and scruffy Kings to Barbarian dragonslayers. The costumes for the Bandersnatch (a cross between a doorstep gossip and an exotic vegetable) and the three scruffy flightless Jubjub birds present great opportunities for the wardrobe department!

Probably the most time consuming element will be the Jabberwocky costume which is worn by the actor playing Prince Wilbert..  Remember that the costume should look fairly ridiculous when seen in full light but perhaps a little scarier in the dark!

Make sure that whoever makes the costume works closely with the actor and knows what the costume needs to do. The first time I presented this play the head that was designed for the costume was practically unwearable as it was too heavy with dangerous uncovered wire mesh on the inside!

Music: If you choose to include the dance elements then you may like to listen to Jean Michel Jarre's "Equinoxe". I used this in the original production and the opening piece is particularly effective.


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