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Jabberwocky is a full length play, divided into three acts with an interval between Act 1 and Acts 2 & 3. It has a running time of just over two hours - not including the interval - and represents a rich evening's entertainment..

The opening scene of the play is printed here and on subsequent pages. I hope that you enjoy this extract and feel encouraged to download the whole play! Remember that the play is free to download until the end of July 2004 - just follow the link to the special offer page.

If you prefer to read from a printed version, then follow this link and you can download a copy of this scene in MS Word format.


Act 1. Sc.1.

Lights up. A small set, off stage on stage left suggests a living room. Someone is sat in a comfortable armchair, concealed behind a large newspaper. Little can be seen of them. A coffee table sits on a rug in front of them.

John                (Offstage) I still donít know what Iím going to choose!

Anna                (Offstage) What for?

John                (Offstage) For my options stupid.  

John and Anna enter. They are brother and sister. She is a little younger than him. They are carrying school bags and are in school uniform,  clearly having just arrived home from school.

John                Iíve got to have the form back by Friday and Iíve still got no idea!

Anna                Well you should see my homework Ė itís impossible!

John                Come on Anna Ė this is way more important than homework. If I donít make the right choices then I might not be able to do the right A levels

Anna                A levels? Youíre choosing your GCSEs.

John                But you have to do the right GCSEs so you can choose the right A levels later on.

Anna                So what are the right A levels?

John                The ones that you need to do the job you want to do or take the right degree so then you can do the job you want to do!

Anna                So the question is not what GCSEs do you want to do but what job do you want to do!

John                Thatís it . My entire future depends on what I put on this form!

Anna                So what job do you want to do?

John                (Pregnant pause) Iíve absolutely no idea!

Anna                None at all?

John                Anna, Iím thirteen. Iíve only just given up on the idea of being the first person to land on Mars and have a number one single at the same time!

Anna                Just as well with your voice. What do Mum and Dad say?

John                Mum says I should keep my options open Ė I donít even know what that means! Ė and Dad doesnít say anything.

Anna                As usual

                        There is a cough from behind the newspaper and the paper is rustled slightly.

John & Anna    Oh! Hi Dad!

                        The newspaper is shuffled a little more and then settles down.

(Part Two)  

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