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Links that relate to specific plays can be found in the resources section of each play. Here, the links  are of a more general nature. Many  relate to aspects of my work including the theatre and writing. I have also listed some organisations that I feel are important or I have connections with. I've also included some sites that I simply happen to use a good deal and can recommend.

If you know of a link that you feel you too would recommend just drop me an email and I will consider including it.

My plays are published by Hodder Headline an imprint of Hodder Arnold publishers. You can follow a link to my pages on their website here from which you can order inspection copies of my plays. You may also like to visit their Madaboutbooks site which has details of all of Hodder's authors and other articles of interest.

The Internet Theatre Bookshop is an excellent online bookstore that promises to have virtually any play in stock! It is a terrific specialist online retailer with frequent special offers available.

The Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed for reading files in pdf format, which includes the evaluation versions of my online plays (Jabberwocky). This is a free download. The "Full" versions are released in MS Word format  - no free downloads there!


 Home  The Plays  Royalties  Purchasing  About Me  Contact  Links