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The Last Resort 
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"Imagine Dylan Thomas's Under Milk Wood peppered with Alan Ayckbourn characters and set by the seaside and you have still only conjured up half the delights"

"This is the best thing I have seen in the theatre in ages"

Barbara Fisher. Uxbridge Gazette


The above are extracts from a rave review for the first production of The Last Resort at the Compass Theatre in Hillingdon, London.

The Last Resort has gone on to be performed at the Edinburgh festival and by Colleges, Schools and Amateur Companies all over the country.


A Publicity shot for the original production of The Last Resort showing part of the "surfing" scene

It is an affectionate and amusing (well downright funny actually!) portrait of a day  in the life of a bustling seaside town. It is an amazingly flexible piece and can be tackled as a challenging piece of physical theatre by senior students and amateur companies using multiple role playing or taken on a as a secondary school play by using a "cast of thousands"

Beginning in the early morning with the dawn milkfloat and finishing on the cliffs high above the town 24 hours later, this is an affectionate picture of life in a contemporary British resort. Everything from the lads on the make to the elderly day trippers and from the boy racers to the skinhead like seagulls is included. Yet amongst the comedy there is a darker side with the dreams of a young pregnant girl threading their way through the tapestry of seaside revelry.

This play goes down extremely well with both casts and audiences alike. Only recently I was looking at the website for a northern youth theatre company where on their message board members of the cast were still talking about "The Last Resort" a year after performing it.

I really do recommend this piece (well he would say that wouldn't he - but I mean it!). It is tremendous fun and immensely satisfying. For schools purchasing sets for performances it also makes a good text for drama examinations  and an excellent classroom reader (year 9 and upwards) so you can carry on making good use of it after the initial performance!

Both of my plays published by Hodder Headline contain suggestions for workshop and rehearsal activities and follow up research.